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did you know that "Praise You" by Fatboy Slim only has four lines repeated over and over again? ...


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Actually, I had fun last night... For once! w00t!

Ross, Emily, Lauren - we gotta do that again...

Today is the big day! YES!

I dreamed, last night, that we went to New Orleans before we went downtown (dunno why...) and we saw that Yankovic was singing THERE! ... and there was hardly ANY crowd! ... So yeah - We just sat like... a couple feet from him while he sang in a.... WHEELCHAIR?! ... and then we did something else, but I don't remember... - My memory doesn't do so well with dreams. egh.

I'm sooo STOCKED!

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Monty Python & The Holy Grail PC Adventure game doesn't work for XP computers!!!!!!

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Today was boring - as usual...

First hour, I pretended to work on my paragraph (so I wouldn't have to get it proof read 'cause I just hate that!) and worked on "Neurotic Dreams" a bit... I think it's going on quite well - but confusing as hell!

My boat sunk... poor sailors... I salute them!

...Tried talking about Kill Bill at lunch - but I i jumbled my thoughts into a knot and I just said something really stupid... :-p wow, I need help. lol

Kintchen gave chocolate eggs in p.e. today that were suspiciously filled with a white liquid... HhHhHmMmMm... An aphrodesiac...?

I'm so bored - and I should be working on that Waco Knives website... bleh. - Later... I just got home from school. >_0;;

I'm soooo pumped for Sunday!! YANKOVIC ROCKS MY SOCKS!!

- I'm really bored...
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Pope is freaky... REALLY scary, too...

I'm SO tired!

First, I spent most of my day at the Hair Zone, getting my neurotic hair cut and waiting for mum's coloring to finish (coloring hair... 'cause she has grey hairs.. :-p) And I did my homework in there...
Then came home and emidiatly started on the stupid ship thing for science - then studied like crazy for History - then meh dad drilled me with th questions (which really made me tired... he wanted me to answer QUICK! 0.0;) - then I studied for Spelling (easy..) - then I did chores... and now I'm here... Oh my gawd, I'm wiped...

- I'm working on a weird short story... started today and decided to abuse my made-up words like crazy... By naming it 'Neurotic Dreams'.. heh... I'm addicted to that word!

- First hour and second hour was VERY weird! - We were working on our paragraphs while Mrs. Z was grading our stories from Reading Class, and she was ranting about how we didn't know how to write and naming all the bad grades(i.e. 57, 50, 70, 71, ect.) out of 100 - and then she stops to grade more... Then busts out, "Spencer! you made a 97!" ... everyone just stared at me... 0_0; I was freaked... Then she continued, "Spencer is a very good writer!" .... then I just sunk in my chair... hiding from the eyes that were staring at me. oiness... - then P.e. (next hour) comes along and Pope comes up to me, "This paragraph thing we're doing will be BETTER than yours! BETTER!" ... and that added to the freakyness... 0_0; Pope is evil... VERY evil! ... but he's jealous... ha. - but it's stil scary...
And then Brandon comes to me and asks me if I could proof read his paragraph Friday... THAT was the most FREAKYEST THING I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!!! BRANDON!?! ASKING FOR MY HELP!?! .... Yeah, freaky, but cool... but freaky more than cool. 0_o;

Such a freaky day...

- hope everyone participates in the Blind Forum contest... It needs spicing!

- Still going to the "Weird Al" Yankovic concert!! YEEEAAHHH BUDDDY!!!

- Your not on AIM, so... Kristin, As if I couldn't explain more at break (well... I couldn't really explain that well...) - I'm really sorry for calling you a whore. Really, I am. I was just in a really bad mood and talk about that hickey really added to my bad mood and I cracked. I promise this time: I won't ever do that or anything else ever. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings...
Forgive me?
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What stupid celebrity are you destined to kill? by daydreamer8852
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Still spyched for Sunday... Me and Dad will have a great time! YES!

- I found that 1st hour was vigorously fun. I wrote about poetry all hour... just sitting there, explaiing what a pimple poem was, was a lyrical poem was, what a haiku was and what a freeverse was... Quite fun..

- I think I almost fell asleep in 3rd hour when we were all just talking about crap... and Coach still tries to convince me to play football! AH! Has he not listened to my rants everyday when it is mentioned in the class?!

- I think the Bible Code is bull... It said that the world would end in 2000, but it didn't... so... I think it's just stupid... everyone dies at 2012? I think not! Only God and Jesus would know that and God certainly wouldn't give any hints as to what year...

- I'm bored... And tired... VERY tired...

- Great conversations with Matt and Mallorie... There most hilarious!
...and Family Guy... Me and Matt can probebly laugh at those all day long...

Peter: *drinks wine at a Catholic Church* *cough* Is this really Christs blood!?
Priest: Yes
Peter: Whoa, he must have been drunk 24/7!


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Well... today was ok... Better than usual.

Started the day, at first, kinda sad... but then first hour came and happiness filled me! Mostly because I laughed at Justin... for anonymous reasons... 0_o;

PE was funny... despite the suckiness that we had to go outside, Mallorie and Eric are hilarious!
..Made cookies in 4th hour - this time tey didn't burn and I enjoyed eating every last bite! mmm..
Then lunch came around... yeah - I swung from happy to angery to happy to angery over and over again - just from switching to Monty Python talk with Pope and whore talk with Kristin. bleh... Hickeys are whore-ish... very.

Science class what interesting... we, somehow, got on the subject of the Bible Code - which sparked my interest bug in a snap. - Will the world end in 2012? I hope so, actually... 0_o;

7th Hour was very grotesque - but funny at the same time. - I really think sewing and circumsisian shouldn't be around... It's just cruel to do something like that! CRUEL!

Then I went to tutor... bleh... boring... learned things that Mrs. Mac never really taught understandingly...

- and *sigh* ... You must understand that to believe what I said helps me... It helps me believe that I'm better off without you. I need some form of willingness to let go. I can't just sit in internal sadness, flattering your ego! ... understand? I just need to get away from those thoughts - even if it means doing bad things. I'm that desperate. I am... - Besides, you got ol'Danny boy to keep you company... :) So it works out.

I got my friends... Not some insignificant other.

- other news: I'M GOING TO THE WEIRD AL CONCERT SUNDAY!!! W00T!!!! MY DAD GOT TICKETS TODAY! *waves them in your face* BWAHAHAHA!!!
- hm... if only he would come into the audience (I'm on the floor BWAHAHAHA!!) and commune with us (which I doubt) and I take a picture of him and me with a MAD Magazine, I could get published in MAD Magazine! HA!! - But I doubt that, highly.
-He might just be singing to get the pressure off his back from his tragic loss of his mother and father... - So reveals a question of great ponder: Why did he change his mind?

anyways... In the end, today was great after the topping of Weird Al Yankovic news!
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